Waihi Beach Residents and Ratepayers Association

We need to think together, plan together and act together if we hope to unify our community.

The Rates and Residents Association was formed in 2018 to keep people informed of what is happening in the Waihi Beach Community.
A database of resident and out of town ratepayers are kept up to date of Community Board meetings, what is happening in the community, and of special public meetings being held in the area.

There are over 600 households on the database, which is supported by locals and the council have been working closely with the group, keeping them up to date with future developments.

“We are taking the approach of working closely together with the community and the council rather than against, with a long-term unified community, we will see things happening.”

The Waihi Beach Residents and Ratepayers is now part of the Waihi Beach community Development Charitable Trust

Author: Hannah