Waihi Beach Op Shop

Brought to you by a committee of 8 community groups, the Waihī Beach Op Shop is nestled in the center of the Waihi Beach Village. Providing quality secondhand items generously donated by the community, the Op Shop has a firm place in Waihī Beach’s community history, spanning over 40 years of fundraising and support.

Proudly brought to you by:

  • Women’s Institute (Waihī/Waihī Beach)
  • Alzheimers Support Group- Waihi
  • St John Ambulance- Waihī
  • St Joseph’s PTA- Waihī
  • St Peter’s Guild- Waihī Beach
  • St Vincent De Paul- Waihī
  • United Church- Waihī Beach
  • Voice for Life- Waihī
Open Hours
  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 3pm
  • Saturday and Sunday (summer hours) 10am to 2pm
Author: Hannah