Waihi Beach Community Patrol

Waihi Beach Community Patrol Community is an integral part of Waihi Beach, serving as the eyes and ears for local police and for the safety of residents as a valued member of Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ).

The patrol’s close relationship with local police is supported through guidance, training and operational effectiveness. A marked, overt vehicle with the group’s official signage is a primary crime-fighting tool of an effective community patrol.

The group performs a range of activities including:

  • Support for police.
  • Regular patrolling day and night of residential and business areas.
  • Security and crowd control at community events.
  • Helping find missing people.
  • Ensuring safety at accident sites.
  • Support in civil defence incidents.
  • Serving as a visible deterrent for criminal activity.
  • Assisting police in surveillance of crime scenes.
Author: Hannah