Waihi Beach, Bowentown and Athenree Historical Society

This historical society seeks to bring together those interested in preserving significant information in a variety of ways for the wonderful Waihi Beach, Bowentown and Athenree areas.

Those who wish to join in on the fun can become a committee member or a “friend” and help out when needed.

Projects underway 2021 – 2022

  • Development of archives and recording systems.
  • Development of heritage trails.
  • Third book: Woman Pioneers of Waihi Beach North End, Island View, Bowentown and Athenree.
  • Trail and bus tours 2021.
  • Heritage Event 2022.

Current Goals:

  • To collect, collate and preserve items of historical significance to the local area.
  • To collect and compile a tape history or oral collections of as many as possible of the residents or former residents from the area.
  • To investigate and record aspects of habitation.
  • To investigate, record and sitemark places of historical interest i.e. Maori fortifications, battle sites, villages, former buildings, trees or other places left as a result of European settlement.
  • To work towards obtaining or erecting a building to house the records and to display items that may be thought to be significant.
  • To raise money by local activity and to seek government or other trust funds to further the objectives of the society.
Author: Hannah