Dot Watch Waihi Beach

Did you know that the NZ Dotterel is more endangered than some species of Kiwi? Dot Watch Waihi Beach is a community group dedicated to finding ways to ensure people become more aware of the Dotterels and more respectful of them. We are a like-minded individuals, spearheaded by Helen Clark to try and to protect our Native Dotterel on beautiful Waihi Beach and surrounding reserve land.

Our NZ Dotterels are nesting on 5 sites between Brighton Reserve and Bowentown Reserve and haven’t been very successful the last few seasons with the loss of eggs and chicks, even with fencing in place. It’s pretty special they are even attempting to nest on such a busy beach and provide a lot of joy to those of us observing them.

Dot Watch aim to see these little birds have a chance, and you can help protect the New Zealand Dotterel by:

Keeping your dog on a leash at all times and be mindful of any signage

Keeping cats in at night if you live close by a nesting area, it only takes one bite as the poor chicks cannot fend for themselves

Walk (ride your horse) below the high-tide mark on the beach

Keep your distance as the birds will lead you away from nest sites and if they’re incubating the eggs can get too cold/hot or have chicks, they could get in trouble being far away from their parents.

Be mindful if using any transportation of fishing gear on the beach & keep your eyes open