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Voluntary Community Rangers – Trapping & Monitoring

Help Save Our Natives!

🌟 Did you know? 🌟 A staggering 26.4 million of our precious NZ native birds, eggs, and chicks are devoured by introduced predators every year. It’s time to turn the tide and bring back our natives!

🎉 Join the Flock! 🎉 We’re a passionate group of locals dedicated to creating a haven for our native wildlife. As a Community Ranger, you’ll be flying high at one of three vibrant sites: Bowentown, Athenree, or the North End.

🛠️ Get Your Hands Dirty (in a Fun Way!) 🛠️

  • Trap Master: Install, service, and monitor traps to keep predators at bay.
  • Wildlife Whisperer: Join our bird/predator monitoring team, setting up tracking tunnels and conducting bird counts.

Why Join Us?

  • Skill Up: Sharpen your predator control and monitoring skills.
  • Connect: Meet like-minded people in our community.
  • Make an Impact: Play a crucial role in the Predator Free Waihī Beaches elimination project and help preserve our stunning backyard.

💡 Not into Trapping? No Problem! 💡 We value all kinds of skills! Whether you’re a data wizard who can create compelling graphs and stats for funding applications or a social media guru ready to spread the word, we need you!