About Us

We are here to drive connection and community at Waihi Beach

LiveWell Waihī Beach is a community-led organisation that looks to help drive innovative collaboration between groups and organisations to enhance community services, assets and messaging.

Our vision

A thriving, resilient and inclusive Waihī Beach community.

Our vision and values were established through a collaboration of many –  we believed it was crucial to gain input from our diverse community. Representatives from local hapū, Te Whānau a Tauwhao, also helped form our vision and values, ensuring a strong connection to our local whenua, it’s history and our shared vision for the future.

Live Well Waihi Beach Values
Our Mahi

We are matchmakers in the community helping match funds and people to where they’re needed

The mahi we undertake ranges from helping match volunteers to community groups, assist community groups connecting with the right resources, helping coordinate specific work streams such as Accessible Waihī Beach and supporting other organisations such as Predator Free Waihi Beach.

Who’s behind the mahi

We are a group who represent a range of demographics in the Waihī Beach community

LiveWell Waihī Beach is guided by a steering committee of local volunteers who represent a range of demographics from Waihī Beach and two part-time coordinators.

We do all this with the vision of working together towards a thriving, resilient and inclusive Waihī Beach community.